The School of Biblical Studies, Jos, Nigeria, started on 20th August, 1989, with 12 students attending a 2 year Diploma course. In 1992 the school introduced a 3 year Diploma course. Then in 2002 the school introduced a 4 year Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biblical Studies. This degree prepares students to preach the gospel as well as teach Bible in Primary and Secondary Schools. One year later in 2003 SBS introduced our 4 year B.A Ministry course of study to prepare those who are willing to preach and work full time with local congregations.

In 2014, the School of Biblical Studies celebrated its 25th anniversary. It is now a university with multiple levels of study. The current enrollment is 106 students.

Another School of Biblical Studies has now been started in Uganda under the direction of Ugandan natives who are graduates of the School of Biblical Studies in Jos.

The 319 graduates since the school’s beginning are currently serving churches in Nigeria, Liberia, Ghana, Cameroon, Niger, Chad, South Sudan, Bangladesh, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Australia.

The School of Biblical Studies in Jos, Nigeria, under the direction of Solomon Aguh and his capable staff, is doing a great work. We are happy to be a part of this good work.


Naphtali Dagasamah was one of the original faculty members when the School of Biblical Studies in Jos, Nigeria had its beginning. He still continues as a faculty member and is also the Evangelism Coordinator for the school.

Naphtali is also the faculty member primarily supported by Riverchase.

Naphtali’s wife, Victoria, passed away in October of 2003. He was left with two handsome boys. In December of 2010, Naphtali married a beautiful young lady from his village named Mnanyimbe. They have now been blessed with a baby boy.

Naphtali has a winning smile. He is an important part of the School of Biblical Studies and has been since its beginning.