Teen Devos

Last Wednesday, we had the opportunity to hear devotionals from Sam Click and Tyler Pruitt. Sam reminded us from Luke 18 that we should not be confident in our own righteousness but humble ourselves before God and look to His grace. Tyler used John 10 to share that Satan seeks to steal from us, but Jesus has come so that we can thrive.  (“Thrive” is also the theme for a new Bible study that Tyler and Jacob Cleghorn are starting next month.) Both these scriptures really hit home, and these young men did an excellent job presenting them!
During the time of transition between youth ministers, the youth deacons assured the teens of our support and guidance. But we also encouraged them to look to one another for strength, encouragement, and leadership. They have done just that! We have so much to be proud of in these young people. We pray that we continue to see them, by God’s grace, thrive in their walk with Christ!