Say you were given an opportunity to have $847 deposited into your bank account every day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Would that make you excited? Then you find out the catch, there is always a catch. You must spend all the money each day; whatever you do not spend you lose. That is not a bad thing. I mean you get another $847 the next day! How would you handle that? Would you make lists or put a lot of thought into how you spend the money each day? Now let me change the scenario: you now become the bank, God is the banker and time is the currency. Every day at midnight, God deposits in us 86,400 seconds to use or waste. We are GIVEN something far more precious than money each day, and often we take it for granted. If someone is stealing your money, would you not be upset? We guard our money very closely and yet we let Satan steal our time everyday, and we do nothing about it. Growing up, I always heard the older you get, the faster time goes. I never understood that until I became a father. Looking back, I see I spent so much time doing the things I thought were important rather than spending my time with the ones that are important!
The lesson that our teens studied this past Wednesday was about a Greek statue named Opportunity Statue. It is an odd-looking statue where the man’s head has long flowing hair in the front and is bald in the rear. The statue was built to remind us that we can enjoy opportunities while they are in front of us but when they pass behind us, they are gone forever. This time of year is always a reminder for us to slow down and appreciate those around us. We need to look for opportunities that are in front of us, to share our time with not only the ones we love, but also the strangers we encounter every day.