New, Year, New Opportunities

At the beginning of each new year it is common for many people to set resolutions and goals with the hope of having a more productive year. This year one resolution I made was to find small moments each week for Leah and I to do something fun together. This could be as simple as playing cards or a board game once the kiddos go to bed. Have you set any new year’s resolutions?
My hope for each family is that in 2022 we will continue to make Bible study a priority for ourselves and our children. We are blessed with wonderful Bible class teachers who put countless hours into their classes. It’s exciting to see how much fun the kids are having in Mrs. Peggy Jackson’s class and Mrs. Pat Parker’s class on Wednesday nights. If your children have not been able to attend yet, I strongly encourage you to make an effort to be there over the next few weeks.
One exciting addition to the children’s ministry calendar is Maywood Children’s Camp. This will be a weekend camp for kids ages 4 to 9. The date for Children’s Camp is May 13-15. The goal of Children’s Camp is to provide a short camp experience over a weekend so that younger children can see what camp is all about and hopefully fall in love with Maywood. I will be directing the children’s camp along with Austin Johnson, minister at Florence Blvd Church of Christ. Registration for Children’s Camp is already open at I hope that lots of our children will be able to attend this weekend camp! Be on the lookout for more information over the next few days too.
As we start back to work and school it is easy to fall into the same patterns and routines. This year find small ways to connect with God. Make small goals to read more and study more. Set small steps to have family prayers or family devotionals. Prioritize church activities, Bible class, and worship. Putting God first will benefit your family greatly!

I am excited for the new year and am prayerful for all the events coming our way in 2022!