Every day we read and hear of dangers and conflict in the Middle East, what of God’s love in that part of the world? Oasis Outreach was established by Brother Mike O’Leary of Raleigh, North Carolina to support the spread of God’s Word in that region. After passing the torch to us, today Riverchase is the USA coordination point for this far-reaching and challenging work.

Brother Philip Ganta a native of India, moved his wife, Parimila and family to the United Arab Emeritus in 2001 to evangelize Dubai’s multi-national workforce and plant a Middle Eastern congregation. Our Father has richly blessed Brother Ganta’s effort. Today the Dubai Church of Christ also operates the Dubai School of Preaching (DSP). To meet face-to-face the DSP faculty, graduates, and students is truly a life-changing experience. To experience the joy of our brethren who are dedicated to training, placing, and supporting Gospel preachers in that dangerous region of the world is humbling. Even in the face of extreme risk and at a great personal cost to many of our brethren, God’s Word is spreading rapidly in the Middle East. Why do they risk so much with such joy? They have experienced a faith of hate and now they embrace The faith of love and grace.

The Gantas also continue to work in their native land supporting schools of preaching, a children’s home, and multiple congregations of the Lord’s church in south central India. In addition multiple Gospel preachers serving from hut to hut in India’s tiger-zone jungles are being directly supported. All under the umbrella of Oasis Outreach coordinated here at Riverchase.