In the Beginning

John’s gospel begins in a way that none of the others do. This does not make it any “better” than another gospel account, but it certainly sets itself apart thematically. When one reads the book of John, he/she will immediately be reminded of the very first words of the Genesis. These were the very first words of God’s revelation to man. The first three verses of John’s gospel offer a simple yet impactful message to its readers. The reader learns three things: Christ was in the beginning, Christ made everything, and Christ is God. Every Christian ought to realize and be reminded that he/she serves the eternal God who made everything seen and unseen. God is the Lord over time, the Lord over creation, and the Lord of Lords. What then is expected of me? Where do I fit into the mix? Perhaps the answer to that important question can be found further down the page in verse 12. “But as many who received Him, He gave to them the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His name.” Let us never forget how great and mighty the Lord is; moreover, let us never forget the great opportunity we have to be His adopted children.

Dimitri Sims