Importance of Bible Class

If your family is anything like mine, then you have been adjusting to a new schedule since school has started back. Every night we are finishing homework, coming home from afternoon activities, eating dinner, and squeezing in a few minutes of family time. However, one thing I am thankful to have back in our weekly routine is Wednesday night Bible class. I am thankful because I know other caring adults are taking time to teach my children the importance of the Bible. These teachers are helping my children learn more about who God is. Below are a few reasons I believe Bible class is so important and why we should all be trying to attend:
We need community. Midweek Bible class is the perfect opportunity to recharge your spiritual life during the work week. It’s a time to be surrounded with others who are wanting to build one another up. It’s a time to see friends and focus more of our relationship with God. Our kids need this time of seeing their friends who are trying to follow God too. They need to remember that others are trying to choose to do what is right.
Kids learn how to navigate the Bible. For a moment be completely honest with yourself. How often is your family opening their Bibles together? Can your child find the book of John? Does your child know the difference between the old and new testament? Remember that Bible class serves as a reinforcement to the lessons being taught at home.
Bible class is fun. On Wednesday nights we are not trying to be boring. We want our kids to enjoy coming to class. We want them to eagerly dive into scripture. There is nothing better than walking by a children’s classroom and hearing excitement and laughter. Bible class does not have to be boring. Show your children that learning about God can be fun like other parts of their week.
I know that your work week is crammed with activities each night. I know the importance of bedtime and structured routines. However, I also know the importance of planting seeds of truth from the Bible. Take time this week to focus on your priorities. Does Bible class rank high on the list? If not, ask yourself why?