Over the past couple of weeks, our eleventh and twelfth graders have traveled to Auburn’s and Alabama’s campus ministries for devotionals and to reconnect with several of our former Riverchase students now attending these two universities.
Both campus ministries have undergone significant changes over the past couple of years as they have hired new campus ministers. Riverchase received one of the greatest complements as Micah Cobb, Auburn’s campus minister, shared with me that the students we are sending their way are pure quality. They arrive on campus grasping the magnitude of ministry and already have a deep love for Jesus. It was such a blessing to hear that complement and to listen to a devo grounded in scripture as he pointed us all to Jesus. I’ve been thinking all week about the question that we were left with from I Corinthians 14:22-25 – Do others see our worship and say, “Surely God is AMONG them.” When you love someone or something, you praise him/her/it. You talk about them because you love them, not like you’ve memorized the answer.
Last night, we attended the devotional at Central Church of Christ at the University of Alabama. Chris Clarke was the guest speaker and his devo was about decisions. “We are every decision that we have made…or that has been made for us. If we feed ourselves God, then the output will be God.” Chris and his wife, Chandra, are former Riverchase members and we were certainly blessed through the message God planted on his heart.
So…how has Jesus impacted us through these campus ministries in practical ways? Sean Marks and Dana Keith joined us for devo last night and Sean shared the following thought with the entire group. He came to Alabama not really knowing Jesus, but there was one who helped to get him plugged into the campus ministry. When he graduated, he was living in Birmingham and came to Riverchase during a very difficult time in his life. The youth group embraced him, took him in, and helped him understand the magnitude of ministry and love of Jesus. A year later, Sean gave his life to Christ. Be INTENTIONAL about the IMPACT that Jesus has in your life. Love HIM as you love others God’s way.