I hope for a lot of things. Mostly for things tied to this world and this life. In other words, things that will not last and are, therefore, temporary with no lasting value.


The Creator of all things. The One who knows all things and has all power to do all things. The one who is eternal, without beginning or end.

He did something for you and me. He offers a gift and a promise to you and me. He will take away our guilt and sin. He has already made that promise possible in the gift he has given to us.


It now moves from a desire for something to a reality. You and I have hope. The hope of life eternal. The hope of joy and peace. The hope of love and being loved. The hope of being wanted, cherished, accepted and appreciated.

This hope is ours if we believe in his gift and trust him. If we listen to him and strive to follow him.

A hope both sure and steadfast. Ours for the believing and trusting.