Riverchase has been my home church since 1979, and although I went off to college for much longer than I should have, I still considered this place… home. Although I got married and moved to Atlanta for several years, we couldn’t wait to get closer to home to raise our family. We are thankful we did. Life takes us in many directions, and at times, it is not where you would want to go, but it is the way you believe that God is moving you. I just hope that you all know our endless and eternal love for you all.
The memories I will cherish, and I would like to share briefly some highlights. I challenge you to always encourage each other and lift Jesus up above all others.
Reminiscing through years of pictures…
“The” Chair in my office where I sat and listened to countless teens and parents share their stories and trusted me enough to help.
Changing pictures in the teen classrooms each year and moving them to their next classroom (They were growing physically and spiritually).
Baptisms: I remember the studies, probably more than the actual baptism. Now I just pray for the follow through.
Signs that went up all over the building – “It’s o.k. to not be o.k.”, encouraging others to seek help and walking alongside them. The highlight came when we got to celebrate milestones of recovery.
Funerals: So many through the years, but it does my heart good when I know that the good ones made it to their heaven home.
Visitors showing up over and over and over again. The highlight is when they begin feeling and understanding their place and purpose in a family.
When spiritual leaders graduate and become invested in campus ministries all over the country, and then start having Christian families of their own.
Summer events and retreats were always a celebration to me after all the hard work, planning and preparation throughout the year. The highlights were the bus rides, long talks and watching teens invest their lives in others.
Family: It has been my honor to serve with my wife and 2 incredible boys. Whitney, Jackson and Tyler have always been the creative ones – blessing us all with blessings, thoughts, and the ability to connect.