Discovering and Developing New Talents

Where do you want to be at this time next year on your walk with God?
Tyler, my 9 yr. old son, decided a couple of months ago that he wanted to play basketball. Not just shooting baskets in the driveway, but on a team. We signed him up, and his team has had 3 practices leading up to their 1st game. Whitney took him to his first practice, and as they arrived home, Whitney described the talents of Tyler’s team on the court following that initial practice as follows: “Well…it’s gonna be interesting this season. Let me put it this way, Tyler was like the LeBron James of his team.”

LeBron is one of the best players in the NBA. Tyler can dribble, but his skills shooting the ball are far from LeBron James status, and to say that Tyler is one of the best players on his team made me think…this could be a loooooonnnnnggg season.
During the game, I was blown away at the improvement of everyone on the team. It was obvious that each member on his team had done some serious practice at home. It was obvious that their parents and/or older siblings had practiced WITH them consistently following that initial practice. They won their first game.

We are two weeks into the New Year. Do you want to defeat bad habits? Do you desire an improved and more intimate prayer life? Are you passionate about reaching the lost in the New Year? We could all learn a lesson from the youth. Success comes, not from simply showing up 2-3 times per week. Success is driven by serious practice at home, school, work, in the good times and tough times. Success is achieved when we all do our part and discover and develop new talents while improving on old talents.
Allow Hebrews 12:1-7 to become a way of living in 2015 and beyond.