Build Sandcastles

People ask me often, “Scott, what do you do for fun?” I love building sandcastles. This past week, my family and I got to slip away for a few days for a vacation at the beach. As I began the building process, many comments and puzzled eyes were buzzing around me. I simply smiled and asked them to come back in about an hour when this pile of sand begins to take shape. They did.
A couple of ladies came back hours later, stopped and chatted for a while. One of them asked, “This must be therapy for you, huh?” I said, “How did you know?” She smiled and said, “I’m a therapist.”
Sand – The nature of sand is very easy to manipulate, move around and create. Think about that. How wonderful would it be to take our struggles, addictions, hurt and be able to push them away as easily as it is to move a pile of sand at the beach? What is even more exciting to consider is this…How wonderful would it be to create something out of those struggles that brings joy to others? Something beautiful and possibly a positive conversation starter, out of that hurt?
Look at the sandcastle below. This picture is certainly not the finished product. I guess my sandcastles and yours are never finished. Continue creating, forgiving, loving, and never, ever give up.
A family with five kids began building a sandcastle next to mine. They would observe and attempt to build what I was building, but added their own personal touch. To me, that is always the best part of building sandcastles…when we get to connect multiple castles together, helping each other along the way, learning from one another and inspiring others to greatness.