Are You a Surgeon or a Vampire?

Both surgeons and vampires draw blood as a matter of habit. However, there are some very important differences! Vampires (mythical but popular, thanks to books and movies) selfishly and opportunistically draw blood for their own gratification, causing harm to their victims.  Surgeons also draw blood, but with thought and intentionality, with the goal of healing.

So do I act like a surgeon or a vampire? Sometimes in our conversations and relationships, we must “draw blood.” We must say something that challenges, corrects or confronts—and those words usually sting.  But our mindset must be like that of a surgeon—careful, thoughtful, and with the other person’s well-being as our only goal.

Proverbs tells us that wounds from a friend can be trusted (27:6).  But also remember, from Galatians 6:1 and Colossians 4:6, that our words should be full of grace and delivered in a spirit of gentleness.  If you must draw blood, be a surgeon, not a vampire!