Traps are interesting. Some are deadly, like a mouse trap. Others are more humane, like the cage trap I’m using to transport the squirrels in my back yard to a more remote area of woodlands.

We liked the squirrels until this year when they decided to make it their personal goal to destroy all of our tomato plants.

The trap entices by offering something that is found to be irresistible. In the case of the squirrels, peanuts.

The Bible talks quite a bit about traps and snares. It tries to warn us of the many different types of traps and snares set for us and by us that result in difficulty being added to our lives or the actual destruction of it.

It all boils down to God’s warning for us to put to death our personal, physical desires and to instead live for the spiritual things. Those physical things have such a strong pull on us they will lead us right into the trap to get the things we want. Only then do we discover that we have been trapped and have been enslaved to our own desires.

There is an interesting thing about the squirrels; it seems that every time one is caught in the cage and I move the cage, I notice all the peanuts are gone. Even trapped behind the now closed door, they still go after those nuts they had such a desire for.

It really makes me think. Do I live for what I want or for what God wants? Am I a prime target for Satan’s trap? We all are. But thanks be to God for his grace in Jesus. We can overcome, even if we have been trapped.