Family Fort Devotional

Below is a family devotional idea for you to use this week. Text a picture of your family fort to Eric! We hope you enjoy this devotional time together.

Play: Build a pillow and blanket fort together as a family. Make it big enough for the whole family. Gather snacks and your family Bible and get cozy!

Read: Read together Hebrews 1:1-2. If you have a storybook Bible read Jonah and the Big Fish or read Jonah 1-4.

Ask: Review the story with these questions:
What did God command Jonah to do?
Instead of obeying God, what did Jonah do?
After the fish spat out Jonah what did he do?
When Jonah sat outside the city, what did God use to teach Jonah a lesson?
In the new testament Jesus came as the Messenger to tell sinful people to turn away from their sins, how are Jonah and Jesus similar? How are they different?

Pray: Pray for each family member to always try
to obey God. Pray that you can choose to do
what is right. Pray for any other needs in your