What Is Family?

Proverbs 11: 29 He who troubles his own house will inherit wind, and the foolish will be servant to the wisehearted.30 The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and he who is wise wins souls. (NASB)

What makes a family? Is it the fact there is a father, mother and children? Or is it the fact a person can procreate and reproduce more people with another person? Do children have to be involved in order to be a family? When we think of God, does he have a family or something else? The word “FAMILY” alone has significant and special meaning. They are made of people who evoke feelings of belonging, connectedness, love, respect, and support. A place of work can be a family. A church can be a family. A well knitted team can be a family. The writer of Proverbs wants to remind us that we shouldn’t bring trouble when we are part of a family. For that reason, many people consider a church or a team more part of their family.

As disciples of the Lord we need to be creating environments of love, respect and support if we want people to feel part of the Lord’s family. It’s not enough that their picture is in a piece of paper or website. We need to connect with them and show them what God wanted when He created the family. Show them love, kindness, respect and support.