Hold On or Let Go

Several weeks ago Leah and I were enjoying a snack with our kiddos and we asked our little boy to pick up all the trash and throw it away once we finished eating. Our little boy stopped and picked up all the pieces of trash, approximately 8 to 10 pieces. However, because his hands are small, and because he is a preschooler, he continuously dropped trash while trying to pick up another piece. Each time he bent over to pick up trash a different piece would fall out of his hand, and this happened over and over and over again. Eventually I stopped to help him as it became clear that the job was too much in that moment. He did not realize he could ask for help or take more than one trip to the trashcan.
After watching our little boy struggle to carry all the trash I began to wonder if sometimes I look the same way to God. How often am I walking around juggling so many items that I could so easily ask Him to help me carry. I often walk around with unnecessary burdens: fears, worries, doubts, questions etc. I try holding all of them and end up like my little boy- they don’t stay put. These trash items take over. I keep struggling to hold them instead of looking up and asking for help. Instead of giving them to someone bigger who can handle all my problems.
Over the past few weeks there have been more worries, doubts, and sad moments hit my family. Two relatives passed away days apart from each other. We are having to make adjustments to our daily life with the social distancing. We are trying to keep from going crazy while taking care of our two kids who love preschool and Bible class and are now at home 24/7. Yet, each day I get to choose whether or not I want to carry all of this garbage around with me. Do I want to sit in worry and fear, or do I want to embrace the slowness and sweet moments with my family? I am choosing to let go of the trash. I’m choosing to look up and say, “I need help.” I’m choosing to find joy in the small moments and in the slowness that we have welcomed into our house.
“Cast your burden on the Lord, and he will sustain you; he will never permit the righteous to be moved.” Psalm 55:22