Helping Kids During a Crisis

Over the weekend as we watched the news unfold concerning the spread of the Coronavirus I began thinking of ways we could be helping our children navigate this time of major change. Below are a few trauma-informed thoughts:
Remember stress weakens your immune system. Parents take care of yourself first so that you can take care of your kiddos. Take moments of quiet time and prayer.
We need connection. Yes, we are not to be gathering in large groups (or small groups) but we can use this time to connect again as a family and connect with our neighbors.
Stick together. This is a family rule of mine and Leah’s. If needed, let your kids know that should someone in your family get sick they will be taken care of. Family will not be left alone.
Create routine. This is probably the most important thing right now. Kids thrive on routine. Develop your schedule so they know what to expect during this time. This will help make your days more pleasant.
Offer your kiddos choices. Choices help your kids feel more in control. These choices can be small things like oatmeal or cereal for breakfast? Which t-shirt do you want to wear this morning? Etc. Small choices add a sense of normalcy.

Remember during this time kids will likely have behavioral changes, and our kids are watching us to see how we are handling these changes too. Each kid will have their own level of understanding about the coronavirus – some may have no idea that it’s happening, and that is ok. Should your child show concern only give him or her the necessary information to ease their worry. We don’t want to cause more anxiety.
As Christians we are blessed to go to our Father with all concerns and all worries. Take time to talk to God.
Philippians 4:4-7