Blessed Is The Servant

Luke 12: 42 And the Lord said, “Who then is the faithful and sensible steward, whom his master will put in charge of his servants, to give them their rations at the proper time? Blessed is that slave whom his master finds so doing when he comes. “(NASB)
Many things could be said about this verse which could make an impact on how we serve the Lord. The blessing that comes from serving is what I would like to mention here. There is a state of being blessed that only comes from serving. Think about the satisfaction that comes when your team wins after a close victory. How do you think the players feel when their team wins after a close victory? Have you seen the locker rooms full of excitement and cheer? We and have a great satisfaction after a win, but the players will have even more joy knowing that they were part of what made it happen.
I have heard people who invite me to their churches, tell me; “My church does this, and my church does that.” They get surprised when I ask them, and you do all that? They sometimes reply, “not me, but my church does.” You see serving the Lord is not about what the church does, but serving is about what you and I do for the Lord. As WE go on with our week let us serve the Lord wholeheartedly. You know. He will come back, anytime, now. We are blessed when we decide to serve the Lord, and we are a part of it.