How are you?

As I write that question, my mind is flooded with so many people who will receive this question with a plethora of responses.
How are you? Some of us are overwhelmed with stress from work, school, or relationships. Others have found contentment as they grind through the day to day activities of life. A few are at their breaking point as they care for their loved one battling sickness.
When I was in 5th grade, each Sunday, my bible class teacher wrote all of the students’ names on the chalkboard with one question at the top…How are you? He also had 2 other questions. How many days did you pray last week? How often did you read the Bible? I can remember striving to honestly be able to write “7” each week. I don’t know why, but I guess I looked at that challenge as a competition to some degree. It wasn’t until later when life hit that I dealt with that challenge at a much deeper level.
What part of the Lord’s prayer do you struggle to pray for the most? What part do you connect with the most?
“Your Kingdom come, your Will be done.”
Do you have the courage, assurance, and invitation to welcome God into every thought, conversation, and activity in your life or do you attempt to control Him?
Today, pray not for things, but for wisdom and courage…to crawl onto His lap and talk to Him honestly and openly, to surrender whatever you are trying to control and seek His help, to love deeply and serve wholeheartedly.