Church Coaching

Proverbs 17: 17 A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity (NIV)
What is the difference between coaching and ministry? Back in 1999, I went through the NSCAA coaching certification. So, since then, I’m able to coach soccer, a sport I’m not particularly good at, but I can teach kids how to play soccer. Back then, we were asked a question; How do you get kids interested in a sport that is not popular? How do you get kids to learn a new discipline? How do you get kids and parents to get up early on Saturday morning, stay in the sun for a couple of hours? How do you get kids and parents to give you their money and spend their money in an activity they most likely try for a few weeks before they get tired of it?
The answer to that question is found in wisdom. If you want to start something that kids don’t want to do or don’t know anything about, get their friends interested as well. They are most likely to try something new if their friends are doing it and if their friends are involved. Once you have a small group, then get them excited about what is going to happen! Show them how to kick the ball, show them tricks they can learn over time and give them the sweet taste of victory. Soon, they will be trying again for the next season and maybe stick to it for a long time. In our ministry to the church, we need to invite our friends and we need to be excited about what we do! Also, we need to give them a taste of victory over sin, we need to teach them new skills and coach them so they can get better every day.