Can you feel the hint that Fall is on the way? I know, I know…it is only a temporary glimpse of what is approaching, but the cooler temperatures in the morning certainly are a relief from the smoldering summer heat. Two leaves on my ’October Glory’ Red Maple even showed up in their brilliant reddish orange display for the change in season. Overnight, they changed!
I also realize that many people have not noticed the one or two leaves yet or will not be impressed until the entire tree changes colors, but I am. Why? Allow me to share a few reasons. Throughout all my horticulture classes at Auburn, the professors unleashed hundreds of trees into my brain that I still know their characteristics and scientific names. The College of Architecture, Design and Construction taught me a ton about seeing and being aware of everything around me. My dad and mom taught me just as much about applying spiritual lessons to the physical ones. So…here it goes.
About 18 years ago, my dad and I were doing this big landscape job, and the client didn’t want the tree. It was “too small, a bit flimsy, and was already dropping its leaves creating a mess.” they said. We dug it up, and I planted it in my front yard. I knew what that tree was capable of becoming. Recognizing potential was what I was trained to do. I also realized that the client wanted a full grown speciman but was not about to put in the effort to nurture, maintain and go the extra mile to ensure that tree would have everything it needed to grow and thrive. They certainly did not want to pay the price for the installation of a full grown tree that is alive. I believe they would be more content with an artificial one that had zero problems.
This is the thing… reread the paragraph above and insert your child’s name for “tree.” So often, we want things that we can’t have or shouldn’t have. Life and Growth require incredible effort, energy and an ability to recognize potential. Don’t beat down. Build Up.
Consider Matthew 9:20-22 about the woman who had been bleeding for years. Jesus saw her and do you know what he said through his actions? “You Matter.”
Faith… Trust… Hope…