Vacation Bible School

Same song, same verse,
Could be better, but it’s gonna be – even better!

How do they keep doing this? Every year we say, “Well, they can’t beat that one,” and every year they do it again.

Jina O’Clair and Karen Smith continue to do an outstanding job with our VBS. They think and work through most of the year to visualize the masterpieces they create.

Of course, someone has to bring to reality their vision and that generally falls to Jason Smith, who has again brought to physical reality the thoughts of Karen, and Jina.

Once again, Dee Sandlin and Janie Slaughter have written outstanding scripts for our auditorium skits and Bible class skits. They are amazing.

Alicia Frye and Kortney Phifer have each directed the skits. Alicia in the auditorium and Kortney in the Bible classes. They brought to life the words written on paper.

So many others, too many to mention, worked tirelessly to make and put in place all of the art work that covers our halls and classrooms.

Thanks also to all of our outstanding teachers and those who helped to direct all of the children.

What a great Vacation Bible School.