Lost Puppy

There were signs in our neighborhood for a lost puppy. When we saw it we felt bad because we have 3 dogs and a cat. My kids were looking  as we drove through the neighborhood. It had already been lost for 2 days. We knew the chances of us finding it were small.  We’ve seen foxes, hawks, and an occasional big mean dog in our neighborhood, so we were worried and prayed that the puppy would be found.

It got me thinking about people. Knowing the dangers of the world we live in and of the judgement to come, how zealous am I to search for lost souls? Knowing the eternal punishment that awaits all who are from God, what are my daily efforts to bring them to God? There are many reasons why we ignore certain things throughout the day, but I believe this needs to be in our minds. Do you know of a lost person? Someone you care about? Someone you think needs God? We can work together in bringing them back.  We can try together to go look for them. Don’t let a day go by that you don’t pray for lost souls! Pray that God will send workers, open doors, and that God will strengthen you to be a rescuer of souls.