A Bison Tale

Yellowstone National Park is an amazing place. We loved our trip.

While showing my bison herd video to Bill Goben, the director of the Yellowstone Bible Camp, he told me the following story:

Bill was riding his motorcycle through Yellowstone when he came upon a bull bison walking casually along the road. Being aware of the situation, Bill slowed down and kept his distance from the bison so as not to rush him nor disturb him.

A small red convertible sports car passed Bill and stopped just behind the bison. The bison did not flinch nor turn but he did stop in his tracks and stopped moving.

The driver of the car became impatient and blew his horn at the bison. Where upon, the bison took one step backwards and sat down on the hood of the sports car. Thus crushing the hood. After a few seconds of rest, the bison stood back up and continued his leisurely stroll down the road.

I love that Bill shared that incident with me.

I see so many applications to so many things. Lessons illustrated on kindness, patience, pride, justice and never underestimating the intelligence of a “dumb animal”.

God’s lessons of life and living are all around us. He speaks to us everyday in what He has written and what He has created. We just need to take the time to carefully look and listen.