Have You Not Read?

Are you aware who asked that question? Do you remember ever reading the question?

The one asking that question in the New Testament is Jesus.

The thing he is talking about reading is scripture. It is a very important question.

It means the answer to your question or the answer to what you need to know is in scripture. Have you ever read it to see what it says?

Sometimes another question is asked by Jesus along with this one. That question is, “What do you understand scripture to be saying?”

It did not matter how they felt nor what they personally thought – what does scripture say?

The apostle Paul writes the Galatian letter because those Christians were being led astray by some false teachers. Paul said those false teachers were “perverting” the gospel of Christ. The word “pervert” means to twist, change, altar, cause to be different. In other words, they were not teaching what scripture said, they were changing the message to something else.

Jesus said that the very words he has spoken will be what will judge us at the last day. We need to make sure we are reading scripture. We need to be careful to read it carefully looking for exactly what Jesus said. We need to be certain that we do not twist it nor change it into something that Jesus did not say.