Judges 6:11-40


Valor is defined as strength or courage, particularly in the face of great danger. I didn’t realize how courageous Gideon was by his action of threshing the wheat from the Midianites. He was doing that in order to secure for his family. It could have cost him his life, he was going to either get burned or killed by this action if the Midianites saw him. When God saw him, He called him a mighty man of Valor!


We need men and women of valor in the Church! We need to remain strong in the face of great danger. We need to have courage when things are not going well around us. Don’t hide your faith, let the world around us know that we are a follower of Jesus and we are not ashamed of it! Don’t hide your light; be kind to all, love every person we encounter and obey the commands of our Lord. It takes guts to do that nowadays, be valiant!