On The “Lighter” Side

Jane and some friends recently attended a comedy show at the Alabama Theatre. Since that event, she has started calling me LB.


The initials brought back memories of the names a favorite uncle would call all of us nephews whenever we would visit with him. He didn’t use initials, just the words. He had two that would fit the LB initials. One was “lame brain.” The other was “lard bucket.” He had another name, which was his favorite, but it did not connect to the LB initials. The other name often directed at us was “jughead.”


So, when Jane started referring to me as LB, I was concerned with the meaning behind it. I asked her.


“LB”, she said, “refers to Left Brain.”


Can you imagine my absolute delight?


My wife was not only telling me that I had a brain, but she was implying that I had a fully functioning, complete brain. A left brain and a right brain, even if I was only using half of it.


But using only half was also a compliment. Rush Limbaugh has a multimillion dollar radio program where he takes on the world with half of his brain tied behind his back, just to make it fair.


If he can succeed using only half of his brain, surely there is hope for me.


So, if your wife has started referring to you as LB, take heart. Just think of the progress you are making.