Play Ball

“Christ in you, the hope of glory.”

That is the heart of the message of God, the gospel and the preaching of Jesus and the apostles.

So in everything we need to make it a practice to ask, “What would Jesus do? What would Jesus have me to do?”

I try to think of that constantly. So today the thought struck me, how would Jesus watch a game or play a game?

Would he be a fan of a specific team? Probably not. It would be like parents watching their children play against each other on opposing teams. Except in Jesus’ case his beloved ones would be every member of both teams. Including the coaches. Oh, and don’t forget, the referees too. They would be his beloved ones as well.

If he played, he would play within the rules of the game. He would not cheat to gain an advantage. He would actually need no officials because he would be self-governing within the rules of the game.

With that thought in mind, I can imagine his favorite game to play would be golf. Golf is one of very few sports, and possibly the only sport, where the players calls and enforces rules upon himself. Even if no one saw the violation other than himself. I think Jesus would enjoy that type of game with the main aspect of the competition being against the golf course he was playing and not another person.

Now, how do I play games?
Christ in me, the hope of glory. Now there is a challenging and glorious way to live life.