Today we remember September 11, 2001.

Called 911 in memory of the date on which it occurred and to honor the heroic first responders who gave so much to help those involved and who continue to pay the price for their heroism.

We all remember where we were when we first heard of the planes. We remember the shock of unbelief and the questions of what was going on and why.

We all remember the transition from shock to fear and then anger when it was realized exactly what it was that was happening.

Those of us who remember don’t want it to ever be forgotten. We hope history is recorded accurately and future generations will study history.

God intended us to study history and to learn its lessons.

He touched history and chose men whom He inspired to record that history so that all of us could learn about Him and what He is doing and has done for us.

No single event in history is more important and significant to all humanity than the day during the days of the Roman Empire when a single Jewish man from the city of Nazareth by the name of Jesus died on a cross and three days later was raised from his tomb and from death itself.

That single historical event did something for all humanity in heaven and in the heart and mind of God. Payment was made for all the sins of humanity and that payment was accepted for all who will put their trust in Jesus.