Back to school!


Why? To give you the tools to pursue truth. “Reading, writing and arithmetic.” So you can read truth, write truth and properly identify truth in a world where truth is often ignored.


Pursue truth and never let it go.

Buy truth, and do not sell it, Get wisdom and instruction and understanding.

(Proverbs 23:23 NAU)


Truth, a necessity in good leadership.

“Furthermore, you shall select out of all the people able men who fear God, men of truth, those who hate dishonest gain; and you shall place these over them as leaders of    thousands, of hundreds, of fifties and of tens. (Exodus 18:21 NAU)


The source of truth.

So Jesus was saying to those Jews who had believed Him, “If you continue in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine; and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” (John 8:31-32 NAU)


It will bring joy to those who love you.

I have no greater joy than this, to hear of my children walking in the truth. (3 John 1:4 NAU)