Bible Class

Our Fall quarter is quickly approaching and Bible class teachers are in preparation to begin teaching our children’s classes. We appreciate the time and energy each of our teachers will put into preparing lessons for our kids!
When I was working with children as a counselor I had three rules for children to follow and I believe these same rules can be applicable to helping our Bible class time be a success.
Three Rules:
Stick Together- Bible class is best when everyone is present. Parents, remember the importance of Bible class and how valuable the time is for your child to be learning about God’s Word. Our kids enjoy spending time together and miss each other when they are absent. Let’s stick together and support our Bible class teachers.
No Hurts- Everyone is welcome in our Bible classes, and we want visitors to feel welcomed and loved when they visit our classes too. Our teachers will do their best to encourage our students and help build a strong foundation of faith.
Have fun- Bible class should be an exciting and enjoyable time. We want our children to anticipate these Bible class hours. God’s Word is exciting!
Let’s all do our best to make Bible class a priority as we start the new Fall quarter.