Baptism or Confession

What is the method of salvation? Based on conversations I have had in the past with people, this question came up often. They ask because they were saved by asking Jesus into their hearts according to Romans 10:9. Others may have challenging questions or arguments such as, According to Ephesians 2:8,9 we are not saved by works but by the grace of God. Since baptism is something you have to do, it seems that baptism is not necessary because it qualifies as a work.

Don’t get offended when you are asked this question. On many occasions people believe this to be the truth. The Bible is clear on the message. We are not saved by works, but by faith in Jesus Christ. We are not saved by something that we do, rather, in the work the Lord did at Calvary. But even then, we are asked to OBEY the Gospel which we have heard, and obedience requires an action from us. We are baptized not because we are saving ourselves, but because we are acting in obedience to what the Lord said we need to do in order to be saved according to Mark 16:16. Yes baptism is a work, but a work of God! These passages don’t contradict each other. Instead they support each other.