We awoke last Friday morning to our yard being covered with broken tree limbs and leaves. We also had a small tree fallen in the back yard after the wind had broken it in half.

My drive into the office that morning would reveal that we were not the only ones with clean-up duty to perform. Broken branches and fallen trees seemed to be in every yard.

All of this was the result of a strong thunder storm that made its way across a part of Shelby County.

The Greek word for “wind” in the Bible is the same word which can also be translated by our English word “spirit”. So anytime you read “wind” or “spirit” in the Bible, you are reading the translation of the same Greek word.

It is translated as both words in John 3:8.

Jesus is using the “wind” to illustrate the working of the “Spirit” to Nicodemus. You can’t see the wind, but you can hear its sound and see its results. Jesus told Nicodemus, it is the same with the Spirit.

Pretty powerful action from something that cannot be seen.

The wind is the movement of air. It is awesome to see how powerful God can make the air become.

If he can do that with air, what can he do with us and for us when we submit to him?