Welcome Eric and Leah Gott

Leah and I are so excited to be joining the Riverchase children’s ministry and are eager to begin working with you all. We are overwhelmed with the love and support you have shown us as we transition into our new job and have appreciated the meals you have provided for us. The pizza and  ice cream supper was a blast! Riverchase is truly a loving congregation!
Prior to moving to Riverchase, Leah and I lived in Nashville, TN. I worked as a professional counselor and specialized in play therapy with children and adolescents. My counseling focus was largely centered on enhancing safe, nurturing attachments between parents and children and providing support and guidance through traumatic experiences. Leah is an experienced teacher and previously taught 5th grade math in the Metro Nashville school system. During our free time Leah and I love to take our dog, Linus, for hikes. Leah also enjoys sewing and quilting, and I enjoy painting and drawing. Our biggest passion is working with children and families, and we hope to continue an atmosphere of joy and delight within the children’s ministry here at Riverchase.
Over the next few weeks we ask that you keep these expectations in mind:
Expect us to make mistakes. We are new, and we are learning. We may not remember your name. We will probably mess up on many small things. Any new job comes with a learning curve, and we promise to do our best to make this ministry run smoothly.
Expect us to be fiercely devoted to the children’s ministry.  We love working and playing with kids, and we believe the value of instilling God’s word at an early age is immeasurable.
Expect us to need help. Leah and I cannot carry this ministry on our own. We want help. The children’s ministry will function best with family and parent support. Please reach out to us to be involved!!!
Exciting times are ahead and we are praying for this congregation. Please continue praying for Leah and I to have wisdom and strength in the coming weeks. We already feel so loved and welcomed!