Secrets For Strong Families

I came across some notes I kept from a Reader’s Digest article which appeared in the November 1987 issue. The thoughts are timeless in their application. The thing that makes them timeless is the truthfulness of them. The thing that makes them truthful is the fact that they are based on the principles given to us by God.

“Six Secrets For Strong Families”

1. Commitment—an investment of time, energy, spirit and heart. Commitment to God strengthens and defines all other commitments, including commitment to family.

2. Time together—being with each other and a part of each other.

3. Appreciation—avoid critical attitudes and talk.

4. Communication—good communication creates a sense of belonging, eases frustrations and
helps to avoid crisis.

5. Spiritual wellness—submission to God and surrendering to His will is the only way to be
spiritually well.

6. Coping with crisis—we are not able to avoid all crisis, we must learn to cope with crisis.