Seek, Ask, Knock

Isn’t that a beautiful bird? I hope you are getting the color version of our bulletin which comes to those who receive it through their computer.

I love watching birds. This one was in Jos, Nigeria. It is called Red Cheeked Cordon Blue Finch. It lives in the Sub-Sahara region of Africa, which is where Jos is located.

How many more of God’s birds have I not seen? How much more of His creation is still waiting for my first look?

How small would that creation be and how powerful the microscope to allow us to see it? Or, how large and how far away will it be? How powerful must the telescope be to enable us to see it?

Our God is truly an infinite God. The more powerful we make our microscopes and our telescopes, the more there is to see of His creation. We will never come to the end of His creation.

But the things that really matter and are the most important are within our sight and our grasp. We can know His will for us. All we need to do is to seek, ask and knock. He will open the door for us. Open His word and find it.