Let’s Finish Well

Here we are in the second day of the New Year. How are you doing so far?


Thinking of the way you intended to be in 2017, how did you do last year?


Planning to do in 2018 is a good start, but it does not accomplish anything. Planning, intending and resolving are not the same thing as accomplishing. Having a “to do list” does not equal having a “done list.”


A full year is a long race to run. So let’s break this down into one step at a time. Your one step may be a day at a time for some things, an hour at a time for other things, and moment by   moment for the really difficult things.


We need to have an overall focus that controls everything and formulates our goal.


For us as Christians, it should already be set.


What would God have me to do? How can I accomplish His will for me? Those two questions alone cause us to realize that we must spend regular time in His word so we can know His will for us.


As we come to better understand His will, we are faced with the dilemma that we have already failed and we fail often. But we also come to understand that He knows that about us and does not expect perfection from us. As a matter of fact, He tells us that if we say we are perfect and have no sin we are lying and the truth is not in us.


So what do we do with our imperfection? We acknowledge it, confess it to Him and strive to turn from it. Be open and honest with Him, yourself and others.


This is the success He wants for us in 2018.