Thank You

Today I want to take time to thank the congregation of the Lord’s church at Riverchase. This past year, as Children’s Minister, has been an adventurous journey that has provided many blessings and a few challenges along the way. The Lord has been at work and everything accomplished is for Him, through Him and because of Him. His people have been at work about His business and that is what I talk about today.

To our parents I say, “Thank You”. Your commitment to teach your children in the Lord is essential to carrying out the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. The task is more than just a checklist of attendance but nurturing a burning desire for our children to thirst after God’s Word. With all the distractions of school, sports and other entertainment this task can be a challenge, but I pray you can all examine priorities and ensure God is at the center.

To our teachers I say, “Thank You”. Bible classes take a lot of time and energy to prepare and to conduct. You do this when there is so much going on in your own life and when it would be “easier” to sit back and be taught. The time you are investing is going to reap eternal rewards and also earthly rewards because these children will be a blessing and a light of Jesus to those around them.

To the members who support the ministry I say, “Thank You”. Even if you cannot help in the direct teaching and volunteering at events, your support is felt through your words of encouragement and financial support to ensure the supplies and activities are available to children and families.

To the volunteers of events I say, “Thank You.” You take extra time above and beyond your schedule to show up early and stay late to give the children experiences and fellowship they will remember.

To our elders and deacons I say, “Thank You.” Your leadership, prayers and support of Children’s Ministry and families is a huge encouragement. The dedication given to children and families is a great blessing to the future of the church. May God continue to bless the work being done in His name!