All of God’s creation fascinates me. From time to time different things will draw my specific attention.


This past week it was faces. We all have two eyes, two ears and one nose with two nostrils.  From a distance it can be pretty hard to distinguish the faces from one another. But when we get up close we easily see the differences.


We have all been told that God makes every snow flake unique with individual patterns. It amazes me how we know that. What, no twins? If it is true, the variety of God in Creation is incredible.


But it really doesn’t surprise me about the snowflakes when I look at the individual faces of humanity.


Some at Riverchase were caught a little off guard when they saw my twin brothers together for the first time. They knew Larry but they wanted to know who was that other Larry. His name is Gary and he and Larry are mirror twins. But their faces, while so very much alike, are different. It is actually easy to tell them apart, once you get to know them.


With all of this individuality, you would think that our individualism would be the primary aim or purpose God has for us. There is no doubt it is important within the context of God’s spiritual purpose.


He wants us to be the one body of Jesus. He wants all of us, individually and collectively, to bear the image and likeness of His Son. Not the physical likeness but the spiritual likeness.


Our face is not God’s focus. Our heart is.