Great Stories

Last Thursday, Whitney came home with a great story from one of her children at school. She had given them a writing assignment about “Your Favorites.” This little boy named Jose wrote about his favorite stuffed animals where he described them in detail. The best was when he said, “BUT MY FAVORITE IS THIS LITTLE BEAR I got when I was really, really, really sick and had to go to the hospital.” He said, “That one is my very favorite, and I still sleep with him every night.”
Whitney, of course, talked to him in further detail about his VERY FAVORITE. Jose struggles with English, but he doesn’t struggle with love. Whitney ended up drawing what the bear looks like, and when he recognized what she was drawing, Jose’s eyes lit up with joy and his grin stretched all the way across his face. Whitney told him that she used to be able to help make those bears when she stayed home with Jackson and Tyler. She asked him to look on the bear’s back when he went home to see if there is a label that says, “Made With Love, Riverchase Church of Christ.”
Guess What? It did. Jose’s favorite stuffed animal above all others is one of our TOT’S bears. He asked Mrs. Pruitt if she made his bear. She wasn’t sure, but Whitney was able to talk to him about the entire process. It was really funny when Whitney told him that whoever is really good at sewing will sew, painting will paint it’s eyes, cutting will cut out the pattern. Jose asked, “what are you really good at?” Whitney laughed and said, “Not much, but I was the best stuffer and stuffed each one with all my love.” Jose loved that they were all stuffed with love.

In regards to Jesus, what is your favorite thing about Him?
What do you think His favorite thing about you is?

We may struggle with a lot of stuff, but one thing we never have to struggle with is knowing His love for each one of us.

13 Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. 14 You are my friends if you do what I command. (Joh 15:13-14 NIV)