Fantastic Verses … and How to Memorize Them

On Wednesday nights our 3rd and 4th Graders are taking a journey to find and memorize fantastic verses in the Bible. Placing scripture in memory at an early age is a crucial component of laying a foundation for spiritual growth. Jesus used scripture to fight Satan and our children can do the same. Scripture should just pop into their minds when they face temptation, struggles, pain, conflict and heart ache. We can easily quote movies and songs, but sadly we sometimes think that we can’t memorize scripture the same way.
For those who have kids in this class, take time as a family to read the take home sheets and work on memorizing the verses. Another challenge is to work on memorizing whole books or big sections of the Bible. I read a blog post from Radically Christian where Wes McAdams provides a very simple formula he learned to memorize large passages from the Bible. We will use Ephesians as an example, but you can start with any book. Maybe start with the shortest book to gain a sense of accomplishment.
On day one you read Ephesians 1:1 out loud ten times. On day two you quote Eph. 1:1 ten times and then read out loud Ephesians 1:2. On day three you quote Ephesians 1:1 once, Ephesians 1:2 ten times and add Ephesians 1:3 saying it ten times and saying chapter and verse out loud. Follow that simple formula and you can memorize whole books of the Bible. Imagine the transformation God will bring to your family if you memorize scripture TOGETHER and let His Word guide your path!