Can You Imagine?

Last Friday night, Whitney and I went to watch Connor Kelley play football for the Oak Mountain High School Eagles. He is an animal on special teams. He is also an outside line backer, but he told me that I probably would not see him on the field on defense unless something catastrophic happens with his team. On the kickoffs Connor’s job is to protect his lane and not allow the opposing teams’ monsters to get to his team’s ball carrier. That means that Connor had to put his body in front of guys running full steam at him. I got on video Connor scrapping, blocking, and refusing to let that guy get past him. There is nothing that young man does half way. Oak Mountain won, and field position was a big part of the game, and the fact that Oak Mountain’s running back had a phenomenal game. His name is Luke Percer, and he has done a bunch of stuff with our youth group. It was also a treat watching him play. He is a good friend of Noah Brown.
The best was after the victory. Whitney and I got in the line to congratulate the players as they ran off the field. Connor and Luke gave me a big hug, and they were grinning from ear to ear. I popped all the players on their shoulder pads and congratulated them. I didn’t even know them.

Can you imagine what Heaven is going to be like when Jesus welcomes us into our biggest goal in life?
Can you imagine the exhilaration when our Lord says, “Thank you for standing up for me when the enemy tried to take you down?”
Can you imagine being on the winning team for eternity?
Can you imagine talking to everyone in Heaven and listening to their stories of what Jesus meant to them on Earth and what they are experiencing now that faith is sight?
Can you imagine getting to finally hug Jesus and tell him, “Thank you.” Can you imagine what that moment will be like for eternity?

Live Life Today with the End in Mind.