It has become a tradition that the Youth Deacons and their spouses and Whitney and I take the recent high school graduates to Dreamland BBQ downtown, order several slabs of ribs, put bibs on them and let them devour as many ribs as they can eat. Then we share with them some last words of wisdom before they head into the next phase of their life….college.
Each year we are blessed with amazing and talented young men and women, and we all have been blessed by the gifts God has given them. It is never easy to say good-bye, so we just say, “Until next time.”
One will become an Air Force Pilot, another will become a preacher, others will be teachers, doctors, nurses, business men and women, although they will most likely change their major a time or two, and that’s o.k. Please pray that they will always remember their number one profession: a Christian FIRST who happens to be whatever career they choose.
It has been our pleasure to work and serve alongside you, graduates. We love you with all our hearts. Make Him proud, and you will make this world a better place. Eat your vegetables every now and then, and you will keep your bodies healthy. Find your church home at college in the first couple of days upon arrival. Call your parents and your old youth minister often. Home is where your heart is. Until Next Time…