Do You Want To Fight?

2 Timothy 4:7“I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith:” (KJV)

People have always loved games. When I was little we used to invent games, and create our own rules. Some games were more interesting than others, and other games were just boring. There was a game we used to play with sticks and a ball. You would line up the sticks and then one person would throw the ball at the sticks with the purpose of breaking them or knocking them. If your stick was the one that broke, you would grab the ball and try to tag all of the players. The game finished when all the players were tagged. One rule we created was that whoever didn’t finish the game, would line up against the ball and all the players would throw the ball at him to try to hit him. The only reason why you wouldn’t finish is if your parents called you to come home. Basically you would get punished for not finishing the game.

Paul talks about finishing the race, but you cannot finish the race if you haven’t fought. Paul makes sure to mention that he fought. Life is a struggle, and we cannot win this race, nor win this game if we don’t fight. Paul also mentions that it wasn’t only a fight, he says he fought a good fight. Our fight to finish the race must be a good fight. How well are you fighting? Are you fighting a good fight?