Christian Evidences for Kids

As we wrap up a quarter of studying Christian Evidences, I wanted to share with you some of what we have been studying in the 5th and 6th grade class.
Many who believe in evolution and the “big bang” are doing everything they can to spread this teaching through our schools and published everywhere so they can call it “science”. Our children are being bombarded with these teachings and we must take care to equip them with with reason, logic and the right questions to see through the lies that are being taught and then share the Gospel. If we give into the belief of evolution, we call God a liar and we literally diminish the power of the Gospel by reducing the saving message of Jesus to a myth.
First, our Universe demands a designer because of the order and precision we see. The “big bang” violates the First Law of Thermodynamics in that matter can neither be created nor destroyed. Did you hear that? The “big bang” violates a proven natural law that is accepted by all scientists. The order of the universe, the perfect placement of our planets and solar system require that to be put in place.
Second, our bodies demand a designer. Do you know that the processing power it takes to function our eye sight is more advanced that any technology humans have developed? Yet we are supposed to believe that the miles of veins and nerves in our body are just a result of many accidents? Who would ever look at an iPad on the ground and think “this came into existence from an accident”?
Third, there is no evidence in the fossil records of any kinds of animals transitioning into other kinds. Did you hear that… NO EVIDENCE.
Fourth, our DNA is literally a coded language and scientists have proven it. Just like a book requires an author and a reader knowing the same language, our DNA requires a programmer to write this code for life to function how it needs to function.
Creation and evolution cannot be proven by strict observable science. Both are beliefs that must be accepted by faith with the evidence presented. Have faith in God who loves you and gives eternal life!