Are you ready for Monday, August 21, 2017?

The time for the eclipse in Nashville, TN is as follows:
11:58—Eclipse begins
1:27—Total eclipse begins
1:29—Total eclipse ends
2:54—Eclipse ends

If you stay in the Birmingham area, you will only see a partial eclipse—92%, I believe.

But wait a minute, how can this be? How can we know the path and the times with any degree of certainty? Isn’t our world supposed to be chaotic? Isn’t it completely void of any order or certainty? So how can we know the precise times and locations of the eclipse for years to come?

Another thought.

The eclipse does not mean the sun stops shining. It will shine as bright as ever. The eclipse means that the moon has come between the earth and the sun and the moon casts a shadow over the earth and blocks some of the light from the sun.

Consider the Son instead of the sun. What do we allow to block the light of the Son of God from our minds and hearts? What causes us to become blind? What causes us to lose our focus on Jesus so that we no longer allow the light of His word to penetrate us?