Baja Mission Trip

We recently got back from our week long mission trip to Baja Mexico. I cannot express the joy I get from everything that happens in the mission field. All the experiences and events cannot be put in a few words.  It would take a book.  Let me just share one experience. Ron Jackson, Glenn Savage, Ray and Michelle Betz and myself went along with the Moulton and Guntersville church to assist the congregation of Diaz Ordaz with their work.

We helped them finish the interior of their building. They have a huge building compared to many in Diaz Ordaz. A lot of things needed to be done: electric wiring, framing and maintenance. Ray and Glenn helped in many great ways in that area. Ron and Michelle worked assisting the dentist. They were busy all day, from the moment we opened the clinic. Adults and children came to get their teeth cleaned or get them extracted. I was helping mostly in the pharmacy explaining the patients how to take their medications prescribed by the doctor. Other times I was translating and then I preached two nights.

We made a lot of contacts  for future follow up. The good name of the Church in the community is quickly growing. I look forward to the work we can do again next year.