Vacation Bible School 2017

As I write this, we are half way through our Vacation Bible School for this year. And it is another great year.


A visitor approached me last night and said, “Some of my friends ask me, ‘Why do you drive all the way to Birmingham for a Vacation Bible School?’” She continued, “I am happy to drive over an hour to come to your VBS. There is so much hard work that is put into all the things you do and to see all the decorations that have been put into place.”


But her favorite part were the lessons. She loves the way the Bible lessons are presented and the way each lesson flowed through all of the skits and activities.


As I was telling Jane about this conversation, she commented that it seems to her that VBS is one event that really pulls us all together. Just look around at any given night at all the people involved and working together.  Everyone working together as a team.


In the months of preparation and now each afternoon and continuing late into the night, so many different people of all ages working to make our VBS as good as it can be.


Thanks so much to Jina O’Clair and Karen & Jason Smith for all of their planning, work and leadership.


Thanks, also, to Dee Sandlin and Janie Slaughter for their excellent work in writing and directing all of the skits, those that kick off each night and the ones used during the class periods.


I’m writing this at 9:00 in the morning and VBS workers are already arriving at the building.