You Are Doing It Wrong

Galatians 4:19 My children, with whom I am again in labor until Christ is formed in you—

As I was coloring with my youngest, she gave me a marker in order for me to color the hair of a princess. Since I know my princess very well I realized she gave me the wrong marker for that particular princess’s hair. So, I grabbed the black marker and started coloring her hair. I was stopped immediately by a voice that yelled, “No dad! You are doing it wrong!” After trying to explain to her that this particular princess had black hair in the movie that we have watched on many occasions and not getting anywhere, I started coloring her hair with the yellow marker. To that she said, “now she has mommy’s hair.” She didn’t care what the princess looked like in the movie, she wanted all the princesses in her coloring book to have mommy’s hair.
In the same way, Paul addresses the Christian brethren in Galatia by telling them that it didn’t matter their background or where they came from. What mattered was that we all look like Christ. We should be trying to look like Him more every day. If we are not looking like Jesus everyday, we’re doing it wrong.